Stormy began working as a professional tattoo artist in 2001. He got his start as a tattoo artist at Big O Tattoo in Lincoln Nebraska. He then moved to Kansas City Missouri and began working for an extension of Big O tattoo, Irezumi Body Art. In 2007 and 2008 he was recognized and awarded KC's Best Tattoo Artist by KC Magazine. After 11 years of working in one of the busiest tattoo shops in Kansas City, Stormy made the decision to take a different direction with his art and branched out on his own.  In 2012 he opened Tattoos by Stormy; which is a private, appointment only tattoo studio. He wanted to create a studio space where he could give more one on one attention to each individual client and the tattoo experience would be in a relaxing, comfortable environment. Stormy specializes in custom, one of a kind, orignial tattoo designs and cover-up work. He has no opposition to any style and his work ranges from black and grey, portraits, Asian and American traditional. Like any artist who is creating original art and designs; all of his tattoos leave room for interpretation.